August 28 hatching update: A hatchling high

2015-08-28 Hatchling in Skala

Lots of new babies this week for #TeamSkala. Starting off the week, the third nest laid in the nesting season began the hatching process, with over 80 hatchlings emerging over 7 days. This nest was also subject to a few early arrivals, when 4 hatchlings emerged at approximately 7pm in the evening. Luckily, a few members of the public were there, and kindly informed our team of our early birds. We arrived on scene within 10 minutes, witnessing the last few make it to sea. Overall, we had 9 hatchlings come out that evening. We believe this event occurred due to the storm earlier in the day, making the air temperature cooler. The hatchlings could have believed it was the middle of the night due to the cooler air and thus, began to hatch. 

During the week, our second Skala nest also began to hatch. Due to the naturally warmer weather at the later stage of the summer season, these hatchlings also emerged earlier than expected. This nest has had over 50 babies so far, with the majority emerging earlier in the night, at around 10pm. The nest inventories for these two nests will take place within the coming week. 

2015-08-28 Birthday celebrations

#TeamSkala also saw another birthday this week, with Megan turning 20. We had a fun day of relaxing on the beach, followed by a Greek signature dish, souvlaki! Megan was also lucky enough to see hatchlings on a boxing shift that evening so she also shares her birthday with several turtle babies! The end of next week sees Megan leave the team, and head home after a fun summer as part of #TeamSkala. She wishes the team good luck for the remainder of the busy hatching season!

Hatching season is definitely in full swing in Lixouri! We currently have four nests hatching on Megas Lakkos beach with six nests hatching on the same night and some with mass hatchings (more than 20 hatchlings emerging from a nest at one time). All of these mass hatching tracks have been great sights for our morning survey teams! During this week, members of the public have been extremely interested in our work. Two families watched the nest inventory on ML5R, asking lots of questions about turtles, our work, and also got the chance to see some hatchlings make their way to sea in our trench! Also, a local lady who works at a beach bar on Megas Lakkos let us know about a turtle nest hatching after we had already surveyed the area the nest was in on the beach. When the volunteers got the message, they headed down to the nest straight away, and found 5 hatchlings, which they kept shaded until they reached the sea. Thanks to her, she ensured the hatchlings that emerged made it to sea, which the team here at Lixouri are extremely grateful for! It is great to know that tourists and locals are interested in all our hard work, and care about sea turtle conservation.

Written by Harriet Shrimpton, Megan Walley, and Laura Manton | .

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