First nest in Kefalonia for 2014

Volunteers locating a sea turtle nest
Peter is carefully looking for the eggs the sea turtle laid in order to protect them from accidental damage.

The first sea turtle nest was found and protected this morning in Kefalonia. The nest was found by Wildlife Sense volunteers on the beach of Megali Petra, in Avythos bay. The turtle had come up on the beach two more times on the neighbouring beach of Avythos before nesting on Megali Petra. This was determined by the tracks that she left behind, which the volunteers were able to carefully decipher. The nest was later relocated to a safer location, as previous data have indicated that the type of sand where the nest was originally laid would not allow the eggs to incubate successfully.

The beaches of Kefalonia are surveyed daily by volunteers participating in the Wildlife Sense research and conservation project. Teams identify and protect sea turtle nests, and collect scientific data for the improvement of our understanding of this endangered species' biology.

Relocating a nest to a safer location
Volunteers relocate a newly found sea turtle nest to a safer location, where the eggs will be able to incubate successfully.

The first nests of the year are laid between the end of May and early June, and nesting continues through the summer until early August. The first hatchlings complete incubation and emerge from their nests in late July. An important part of our conservation efforts are to mitigate the impact of tourism on sea turtles, in close collaboration with local tourism venues near the nesting beaches.

We are looking forward for a successfull sea turtle nesting season and for many hatchlings to return to the sea in the second half of the summer.

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