Hatchlings Dig the Dark

2015-08-31 Eglina Light Pollution

Hatchling season is well underway here in #TeamArgostoli, which inevitably means we have more boxing shifts taking place. All of our nests are regularly monitored for light pollution as artificial light can cause hatchlings to become misorientated and in many instances this results in fatalities due to dehydration and predation. For acute light pollution we are able to shade nests, but unfortunately we are seeing an increase of light pollution on our beaches rather than a decrease. Thereby shading is no longer effective and we must take stronger action to ensure the safety of emerging hatchlings.  

2015-08-31 Megali Ammos Light Pollution

A boxing survey team will place a box over the hatching nest to allow hatchlings to emerge into complete darkness; they are then relocated to a darker section of the beach to allow them to make their essential crawl to the sea. An example of this is megali Ammos where a local beach bar has installed extremely bright lights directly behind 5 nests. Friday night alone we had 32 hatchlings that had to be assisted to sea by our dedicated volunteers, with hatching of these nests continuing through August till the end of September we hope to work with beach bar owners and local residents to reduce all light pollution on nesting beaches.

Written by Rachel L. Byrne | .

Tags: Kefalonia, hatchling, research, threats, disorientation, light pollution