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We have had 15 new nests this week bringing our total to 55 over the whole of the Argostoli field area. Posidonia study is going well, we are starting to have a good surface surveyed. We had the chance to … read more

We continue on with our nesting season which is going swimmingly. Our volunteers have been working very hard during morning surveys where we have protected almost 100 nests across all survey areas. Skala continues to find new species on a … read more

Nesting season is now in full swing with our nest numbers rising weekly. There are now over 40 nests across all survey areas. read more

As hatching season continues, we are quickly seeing our number of nests drop here at our Argostoli Field Station and we have now seen all of our nests on Avithos and Paliostafida hatch! Volunteer Bethany assisted in completing inventories on … read more

Nesting season in Lixouri slowly came to an end with the last nest on vrachinary, found on the 19. August 2021. As the numbers of turtle tracks from nesting females were slowly decreasing we found more and more hatchling tracks … read more

Late-August 2021 news

Sep 1, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that hatching season is now in full swing over here in Argostoli, with mass hatching events occurring 4 nights in a row this week on several of our beaches including Megali Ammos, Avithos, and Megali … read more

Late- July 2021 news

Jul 28, 2021

To start off with some exciting news from the Argostoli field station, this week we have had our first hatchlings of the season! On Thursday one of our morning survey teams found 11 sets of hatchling tracks coming from our … read more

Mid-July 2021 news

Jul 15, 2021

Nests are increasing every day along with sea turtle rescues. We've got over one hundred nests being monitored and more to come! read more

We’re up to 32 nests in total and have now hit double digits on Avithos beach, as the tenth nest was found on Thursday morning. Our first nest of the season from back in early May is also quickly approaching … read more

Mid-June 2021 news

Jun 16, 2021

This week in Lixouri we reluctantly said goodbye to our first few volunteers but happily welcomed many more. The enthusiasm and diligence that this group have already exhibited definitely bodes well for the rest of the season, and the success … read more

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