Sea turtles return to Kefalonia

A sea turtle resting on the sea floor
A sea turtle is resting on the sea floor near a nesting beach. Sea turtles spend much of their time resting in the sea before they are ready to nest.

Loggerhead sea turtles return to Kefalonia every year to lay their eggs in the warm sand of the island's beaches. The season begins in late May or late June, and nesting continues until early August. The turtles' eggs need about 55 days of incubation until the little hatchlings come out and head to the sea. The last nests hatch in the beginning of October, concluding the yearly reproductive season.

Both male and female turtles have already been seen in the bay of Argostoli and near their nesting beaches. The turtles have already mated to fertilize their eggs for the rest of the nesting season. Thoughout this time, female turtles will lay on average 2-4 nests at two-week intervals.

Wildlife Sense volunteers survey the nesting beaches of the island daily to find and protect all sea turtle nests. We place protective fencing to prevent accidental damage to the nests, and perform scientific research to better understand the turtles' biology and improve protection measures and legislation. We are looking forward to protect this year's first nests in the next few days.

Written by Nikos Vallianos | .