Third Rescue in One Week

March 26 2014 Sea turtle with hooks
The sea turtle in the Argostoli Harbour that was found to have a hook in her mouth (circled in red).

During one of our daily habour patrols, the Wildlife Sense team observed a hook protruding from the side of a resident female’s mouth.

Hand over of turtle

This confirms the importance of our presence at the Argostoli harbour, where we not only conduct a visual health check of each turtle, but also note down their social interactions on a daily basis.

Taking carapace measurements of sea turtle

The turtle was safely removed from the harbour by an experienced diving team. Once out of the water and placed in our sea turtle rescue box there was a second hook spotted.

Hooks in 26 March 2014

Both hooks were carefully removed and the team gave her a thorough examination for the presence of any additional foreign objects or injuries.

Volunteers after the 26 March 2014 rescue

The standard measurements of the female were recorded as well as the absence of any visual tag. Due to the efficiency of our experienced volunteers the whole rescue took in total 8 minutes. We would like to thank the local fisherman and Port Police for their continued support.

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