Travelling to Kefalonia

Fly directly to Kefalonia

Several airlines fly directly to Kefalonia from April to October. To find the lowest cost for the dates you are interested, we recommend making use of SkyScanner , momondo or try each airline's website. If you cannot find flights on the exact day but a few days before your start date or after your ending date, there are plenty of hotels and rented rooms near the airport at reasonable prices where you can stay for the extra days.

Here is a list of airlines that fly to Kefalonia:

International flights

  • Alitalia flies to Kefalonia from Rome-Fiumicino
  • Austrian Airlines flies to Kefalonia from Vienna
  • Avanti Air flies to Kefalonia from Innsbruck
  • Aviolet flies to Kefalonia from Belgrade
  • British Airways flies to Kefalonia from London Heathrow
  • Blu-express flies to Kefalonia from Bergamo, Bologna, Rome-Fiumicino
  • Condor flies to Kefalonia from Munich
  • EasyJet flies to Kefalonia from Manchester, Bristol, London Gatwick, and Milan Malpensa
  • Enter Air flies to Kefalonia from London Gatwick
  • GetJet Airlines flies to Kefalonia from Vilnius
  • Iberia Express flies to Kefalonia from Madrid
  • flies to Kefalonia from multiple airports
  • People‚Äôs flies to Kefalonia from St. Gallen/Atenrhein
  • Ryanair flies to Kefalonia from London Stansted, Frankfurt-Hahn, Bologna, and Vienna
  • Ryanair Sun flies to Kefalonia from Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw-Modlin, Wroclaw
  • Scandinavian Airlines flies to Kefalonia from Stockholm-Arlanda
  • SmartLynx Airlines flies to Kefalonia from Tallinn
  • Smartwings flies to Kefalonia from Bratislava, Budapest, Prague
  • Trade Air flies to Kefalonia from Ljubljana
  • Transavia flies to Kefalonia from Amsterdam
  • TUI flies to Kefalonia from multiple airports
  • Volotea flies to Kefalonia from Bari, Naples, Venice
  • Vueling flies to Kefalonia from Rome-Fiumicino

Domestic flights:

  • Aegean flies to Kefalonia from Athens,
  • Sky Express flies to Kefalonia from Athens, Zakynthos, Kithyra, Preveza, and Corfu

Fly to Athens and take a bus to Kefalonia

Flights to Athens are often cheaper than flights to Kefalonia. You can fly to Athens International Airport (ATH) and then take a bus directly to Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, or sometimes straight to Lixouri. There are many flights you can take to Athens. Use Momondo, Expedia, SkyScanner, or any other flight-finding and booking service for flights to Athens.

Once you arrive, you will have to make your way from the airport to the Kifisou KTEL bus station. You can take the X93 shuttle bus (€7, 40-60 minutes) or a taxi (€30 to €50).

The KTEL bus schedules from Kifisou station to Kefalonia are typically announced monthly but may change. There are typically two buses every day; one around 7am and another between 3pm and 5pm. The bus takes approximately seven hours to reach Argostoli and costs around €30 to €40 (depending on dates and if ferry ticket is included). You can make an online reservation, but this ticket will not include the ferry ticket as it would if you were to purchase the ticket at the bus station. It is best to call a few days before you travel and confirm the bus departure time (+30 2105150785).

It is best to fly to Athens the day before your starting date and take the early bus to Kefalonia on your start date so that you will be in Kefalonia at a reasonable hour. Similarly, we recommend scheduling your return flight from Athens the day after your last day at the project so that you have a full day to travel to Athens on your end date and do not need to risk missing your departure flight from ATH airport. This will give you enough time to take the bus to and from Kefalonia without missing training sessions and will give you the opportunity for some quick sightseeing in Athens. Various hostels are available in Athens to spend the night in shared rooms.

During the bus trip from Athens to Kefalonia, the bus will board a ferry to the island. If you made an online bus reservation, you will need to purchase a passenger ticket for the ferry. If you purchased your bus ticket at the bus station, your fare includes the ferry ticket and you will not need to worry about the arrangements. The bus will arrive at the port, you will be asked to get off the bus and onto the ferry, and once in Kefalonia, you will get off the boat and onto the same bus. Make sure you get off the ferry as soon as it arrives in Kefalonia so you don't miss the bus. The bus will then continue to Argostoli and/or Lixouri. If you are travelling to Lixouri, ask if the bus continues to Lixouri. If not, we will pick you up from the bus station in Argostoli and drive you to the ferry port in Argostoli where the Lixouri ferry docks.

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