Weekly Update - June 23

Beach Profile
The volunteers learn how to create a profile of the beach, which allows us to observe changes in the beach over time.

This week has been full of presentations on sea turtles and beach training sessions for the new volunteers. This gives the volunteers a better understanding of sea turtles in Greece and the correct methodology that is implemented here. Several nesting attempts have been made on all of the beaches we monitor. So far this season, there is one nest on Megas Ammos and Ai Chelis, and two nests on Avithos and Xi.

We have now expanded our beach surveys to the Lassi area, which has led our survey teams to find two nesting attempts on Makris Gialos and a stranded female turtle on Beach Antonio. Unfortunately, the stranded turtle died due to a boat strike. Thanks to our local volunteers we have also been able to monitor the Lixouri and Lourdas area beaches. This expansion allows us to have a more thorough understanding of the nesting activity that occurs on the Western half of Kefalonia. Now we are almost halfway through the nesting season and are very excited for the next few weeks to come!

Lixouri tracks
Tracks leading to a nest in Lixouri

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