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This year we were able to help a hatchling with a deformed flipper who was struggling to swim in the sea. Without our help, the hatchling we named Finn would have certainly died after the first few days out of ... read more

The last week has arrived but the action hasn’t slowed: we’ve packed up the Lixouri field station for the season (Harry and Sarah have joined us in Argostoli), relocated a nest from Lourdas, and had two tagging events. read more

With 59 nests across our beaches this summer, it is very strange having only 3 remaining. However, the successful hatching of these other nests means our volunteers have helped thousands of hatchlings safely out to sea! read more

Another tagging event came along this week. This time we had almost perfect conditions down at the harbour for turtle spotting, with lovely calm seas and little wind, and were fortunate enough to spot and catch Kostas, one of our ... read more

Despite the ever-decreasing nest count (we now have just 5 nests remaining out of our original count of 59), we are not running short of hatchlings. This week we have had mass hatchings on three consecutive nights on Minies beach ... read more

t’s been another busy week for hatchlings and inventories! Nine nests have hatched over the course of this week with numerous mass hatchings taking place. It was an action-packed night last Friday as, during an evening inventory, two other ... read more

Nests have continued to hatch this week despite things quietening down a bit here in Lixouri. Seven new nests have hatched on Megas Lakkos, Vatsa, and Lepeda beaches, leaving us with 21 nests still left to hatch across our survey ... read more

Lixouri has had an unbelievable week with 2 new nests identified bringing our total now up to 70! One nest was laid on Megas Lakkos after adult turtle tracks were spotted on a morning survey shift following an emergence from ... read more

Storms in the middle of the week made for quite a bit of running around for the teams and that is not easy in rainy conditions. Hatchlings tend to get stuck in the sand and if the waves are rough ... read more

There are hatchlings everywhere and nesting attempts are slowly decreasing. We should have our last nest any day now. Every day we have mass hatchings and have to carefully monitor each hatching nest. read more

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