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With one nest left and several more turtles in the harbour tagged, this will be the last news update for 2022! read more

As we get closer to the end of October, the hatching season is quickly drawing to a close and we look forward to welcoming our final group of volunteers. We now have only two nests remaining on Megali Ammos beach, …

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With Lourdas and Lixouri having no nests left, it's just Argostoli left to go! We're still busy with tagging and temperature loggers that were placed by Wildlife Sense in collaboration with the Aenos National Park Management Body - Εθνικός Δρυμός … read more

A rainy start to the week with only 9 nests left in Argostoli, 1 in Lourdas and 5 in Lixouri. Numbers are indeed dropping due to the hatching season ending but tagging will soon begin! read more

Our last week of Skala and Lixouri is soon to close. Less that twenty total nests are left in our survey areas. read more

Lots of nests hatching with all Field Stations having less than half of their nests left to hatch! read more

Synna, a female sea turtle was again seen with a fishing line in Argostoli. A rescue operation was launched but luckily the turtle managed to free itself. We inspected her and let her go. Multiple nests have been inventoried, and … read more

This week we saw our first hatchlings on Cape St Nicks, a beach that we usually survey with a drone rather than visiting every day due to the difficult nature of reaching this beach. Cape St Nicks is unfortunately a …

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Argostoli, Lixouri and Lourdas been busy making sure all nests are hatching steadily up until their inventory date! Meanwhile Skala has got several maps made and a meeting to present some of their work! read more

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