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With hatching in full swing, our teams are now focused on rescuing hatchlings from light pollution and from getting trapped in their nests. We drove two rescued turtles to the Rescue Centre in Athens, but we've also found two ... read more

It's been a very busy week across the nesting beaches and the harbour. More nests are hatching, and we've had three adult turtles in our first-aid facility. Unfortunately one of them didn't make it, but the other ... read more

We've seen hatchlings coming out of the nests and crawling to sea for the first time in the season. Some of the nests are doing very well, but we've also had a storm that caused others to become ... read more

An exciting story of the nesting female Michelle who we are able to provide care for during the nesting season and follow her interesting choices of nesting beaches! read more

Last week we provided initial treatment to a severely diseased turtle and then we drove it to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Athens. Our famous Barb has returned to the Harbour of Argostoli, possibly after laying a few nests ... read more

More turtles are nesting near Argostoli, Avithos, and Lixouri, but we're also waiting for our first hatchlings to emerge any day now. We sent Haddie to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre for further rehabilitation after it spent a few ... read more

We've had a week with lower than expected turtle activity, but our teams still had to work tirelessly to protect and, when necessary, move nests to a safer location. We've also had a new turtle to rescue which ... read more

We had our first evening tagging event at the harbour this week which was very successful as we managed to tag numerous males. Typically our ratio of males to females is skewed toward the females, but we have now found ... read more

This week we've had several new nests all along south Kefalonia. We've had to relocate some of them because the turtles couldn't place them at a safe location. We've spent an evening tagging new sea turtles ... read more

We've seen more nests on the nesting beaches but also had to send a male turtle named Bulbious for long-term rehabilitation because of hooks found in his mouth and a growth on his neck. read more

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