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This year, 2016, has been a busy one, #TeamArgostoli have recorded 85 loggerhead sea turtle nests, more than double last year’s count! In total, 409 female turtle emergences were recorded. The first nesting activity was recorded on 15th May ... read more

The end of the season is approaching fast but things are far from quiet here in Argostoli. Everyone is still working hard to protect our remaining nests, with several currently hatching and seven still incubating. On Saturday this week, Team ... read more

As the season continues storms occur more frequently over Lixouri. We arrived on the 6th of September to poor weather, flights were even delayed or canceled and the news that some of the nests had been inundated with water. The ... read more

Our new volunteers arrived in Lixouri met with overcast skies and a generally windy day which was refreshing weather for any daytime shifts. That night we arrived at Vatsa to see some emerging hatchlings from VA7R which we guided to ... read more

About half of our nests in Lixouri have now finished hatching, giving us the opportunity to dig down into the sand and perform inventories to see how successful they have been, whilst carefully preserving the shape of the egg chamber ... read more

This week in Skala was the week of inventories as we have now completed 2 full inventories on nests SK2 and SK6R. We have also done 3 partial inventories which means that when we dug into the nest we found ... read more

All field stations have nests hatching and teams are working through the night to ensure the little hatchlings aren't distracted by the lights emitted from the bars and restaurants backing the beaches. read more

It's hatching season now and all across the island our teams are ensuring these little ones are making it to sea as the lights behind the beaches can be very distracting. We're up to almost 200 nests now ... read more

During our time in Lixouri, we have experienced many things from long sleepless nights out on night survey and hatchling rescue to witnessing spectacular sunrises out on morning surveys. A typical hatchling rescue shift usually starts at 10pm, however, we ... read more

The last week in Lixouri has tested the team's skills in situations that could be detrimental to the nests. Strong surface winds caused the sea to encroach unusually high on our nesting beaches for this time of year. Several ... read more

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